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NZCB - website content


“Awaywithwords comes to the rescue in more ways than one; proofreading, editing and producing inspiring stories that are creative, professional and refreshing!” - Millie Jackson, Membership Services and InHouse Magazine Editor, NZCB

An industry leader, NZCB has an extensive membership of builders throughout New Zealand proudly carrying the NZCB stamp of approval. NZCB was in the middle of a rebrand in 2016 and needed content for its website that matched the fresh design.


“We all struggle to string words and sentences together at times, especially when there is other work to be getting on with and we’re up against a mental block!” - Millie Jackson.


NZCB wanted a trusted, reliable copywriter who took the time to understand NZCB’s new brand (developed by Wave Agency) before hitting the keyboard. Little did we know but NZCB were looking for a long-term writing partner they could rely on for future copywriting projects.


We met face-to-face to gain a thorough understanding of NZCB, its new direction and what the team wanted to achieve from its website, developed and designed by E-Logic.

We wrote short, emotive headlines and longer form content for 13+ website pages ensuring consistent key messaging across the site. The content, described as ““emotive, relatable and creative”, can be viewed here.


They kept us on! Copywriter Dave Agnew is writing articles for NZCB’s bimonthly magazine, InHouse. The 800-word articles, like this one, profile high-spec properties designed and built by NZCB members to showcase top-quality workmanship. Case studies are a great way to celebrate success - who doesn’t enjoy a good triumph story, right?


Learnings: Having one writer take care of all NZCB content ensures a consistent tone of voice. We also learnt the importance of ascertaining whether interviewees prefer a phone interview or to answer questions via email. Everyone is different, just ask!

“We love that we can give Dave a one-pager and he can turn it into something that truly showcases the property and the people who built and designed it - it’s a match made in heaven!”  - Millie Jackson, New Zealand Certified Builders

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