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Who we are

Meet our team of talented writers, editors, AI enthusiasts, and SEO strategists.

We are creative copywriters who deliver content that clicks to businesses, agencies, web developers and designers across Tauranga, Auckland, NZ, and around the globe. 


In a world where phones are an extra limb, you need to break through the digital noise to catch your client’s eye. That’s why our team of talented writers are also professional SEO strategists and proficient AI prompters.


Feeling the pain of creating content for your business? Want a well-written website and savvy blogs that tell your story, engage your audience, and increase your web traffic and conversion rate? Keen to spend more time doing the work, not marketing it?


Leave it to us! Our team has more experience, energy, and efficiency than you can shake a stick at. As your copywriting and SEO services partner, we’ll make it easy and get results. 

Learn more about our copywriting and SEO services, see how we work and what we’ve done for businesses across New Zealand (and beyond) - or email us about your next project.

Meet The Team

Sarah Bunker

Widely known for mastering the art of the ‘walk n talk’, Sarah is the person to go to if you want something done, and done well. Filling 1B5s from the age of six, Sarah is a born communicator who launched her radio journalism career when she realised she could talk for a living. With 20+ years of communications experience, Sarah is dedicated to producing well-crafted content, climbing mountains, hitting the yoga mat, and encouraging couples to connect via Libido Liberation. For more, check out Sarah's LinkedIn profile.

Words to live by: Delight in the little things. (Rudyard Kipling)

Rachel Hart headshot
Rachel Hart
Copywriter & SEO 

At eight years old, Rachel wrote her first ‘novel’ – a 54-page faux murder mystery. After this, it was only natural she followed her passion and gained an English degree before becoming a copywriter. Fascinated by AI, Rachel is keen to embrace the technology without compromising creativity. When not typing away, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen or hanging out with her husband and two young sons.


Favourite quote: Why bother? Because right now, there is someone out there with a wound in the exact shape of your words. (Sean Thomas Dougherty)

daniel dunkley

Daniel started writing in his teens after badgering his local newspaper for work experience and began his career in the media in the UK before landing in NZ in 2018. Used to short deadlines and working under pressure, he’s an experienced and versatile writer across every format you can think of, from web copy and magazine articles to blogs and brochures. When not working, he’s kept busy by his two young daughters. 


Favourite quote: Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. (David Bowie)

Karen profile pic 2.jpg
karen clarkson
PR, Marketing, Copywriter

From her start at Coromandel FM as a teenager to producing BBC shows in London, Karen's career is as diverse as it is impressive. Now a communications consultant and writer in Mount Maunganui, she's also a dedicated mum of three with a passion for hikes, bikes, and raising kids outdoors. With experience in PR, marketing, and content creation, Karen passionately uncovers the unique stories behind each brand she works with.

Favourite quote: The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.(Maya Angelou)

We work with some of New Zealand's best graphic designers, photographers, digital strategists, and marketing professionals, so if you need a hand with that side of things, talk to us

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