Who we are

Awaywithwords, based in Mount Maunganui - New Zealand, provides marketing and digital professionals across New Zealand with experienced and creative copywriters who deliver content that clicks.


Our copywriting team writes clear, compelling content with added personality and value that always makes our happy clients look good. 


We do this by taking the initiative to nail the brief and offering suggestions on how to do it better, then get on with the job, delivering professional and creative content on time, every time. 


Talk to us about your copywriting needs, find out exactly what we do and how we work.


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Meet The Team

Widely known for mastering the art of the ‘walk n talk’, Sarah is the person to go to if you want something done, and done well. Filling 1B5s from the age of six, Sarah is a born communicator who launched her radio journalism career when she realised she could talk for a living. With 15 years communications experience, Sarah is dedicated to producing efficient, well-crafted content, climbing mountains and hitting the yoga mat. For more, check out Sarah's LinkedIn profile.

Words I live by: Delight in the little things (Rudyard Kipling)

Jan Goldie - copywriter

Jan Goldie discovered she wanted to write when she was 10 and won a book in an essay contest. “Winning free stuff is very motivating. I've been writing for free stuff and less free stuff ever since.” A qualified journalist and published author, Jan is big on asking the right questions, capturing the essence of what needs to be said and getting it ‘just right’. When she’s not copywriting for clients, she’s writing songs with her partner Matt - panicking her way through open mic nights.

Favourite quote: Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass (Anton Chekhov)

Rachel Hart - copywriter

At eight years old, Rachel wrote her first ‘novel’ – a 54-page faux murder mystery about who shot her teacher (spoiler alert: it was with a water gun!). After this early introduction to writing, it was only natural she followed her passion and gained an English degree before becoming a copywriter. When not typing away, Rachel can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen or hanging out with her family.

Favourite quote: I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical. (Arthur C. Clarke)

Kristy Hoare - SEO / Google Adwords

Kristy loves surfing, skating, painting and SEO. A proud ‘online marketing geek’ she thrives on getting businesses higher Google rankings, more leads and more sales. Her website www.mysolarquotes.co.nz is a perfect example of how constant monitoring and tweaking gets you results. Adwords Qualified, Kristy loves being able to 'surprise and delight' her clients with online marketing that is effective, highly measurable and worth every cent.

Favourite quote: The Net is not television. It is the finest direct-marketing mechanism in the history of mankind. (Seth Godin)

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We're also currently working with some of New Zealand's best graphic designers, digital strategists and marketing professionals so if you need a hand with that side of things, talk to us