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NZCB - revere magazine


“We are 100% satisfied as the publication is exactly as we had imagined. The copy matched the imagery and kept you captivated wanting to know more! We are now up to our eighth edition!" - Julie Thomas, NZCB

New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) has an extensive membership of builders throughout NZ proudly carrying its stamp of approval. 


NZCB wanted to create ‘Revere’, a high quality coffee table style celebratory magazine showcasing the quality craftsmanship of its member builders nationwide. It would profile 21 properties built by NZCB members. The publication would be used to promote our members to their target market, the homeowner, and as a sales tool for the individual members.  


“Having the interviews completed by phone instead of person to person on site was a challenge in our minds but after the first copy came through for review we had no doubt we had the experts on board with awaywithwords,” says Julie Thomas. “The other challenge for us was ensuring every story was told in a different light yet retaining a consistent tone throughout the book.”


Julie says engaging the experts, both copywriting and photography, was key.


Our AWW team works closely with NZCB throughout the process, sticking to the brief, interviewing with professionalism, and creating content about each property that matches the imagery and reflects the builder’s work and the homeowner’s vision.


“Working with Sarah and Karen is a dream! I couldn’t have asked for an easier team to work with especially as far as communication and meeting deadlines were concerned,” says Julie. “It was a very stress-free experience from the initial contact, receiving a quote to completing the project, receiving copy/making amendments and then the final proofread/edit to complete the job. I could not have hoped for a smoother experience.”


Ten thousand copies of each Revere publication are published with 8,000 copies distributed nationwide to all members of NZCB and offices of influences where the target homeowner frequents including lawyers, accountants, architects, designers, media, and Koru Club.


“The creative style of writing performed by awaywithwords is the perfect fit for the style of publication we were aiming to produce,” says Julie Thomas, NZCB. 

More info about Revere can be found here.

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