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Happy Clients

Let's not beat around the bush - this is a collection of copywriting projects we think will impress you. Kind of like a modelling comp card (without the gorgeous selfies).

New Zealand certified builders association

“We are 100% satisfied. The publication is exactly as we had imagined. The copy matches the imagery and keeps you captivated wanting to know more! We are now up to our eighth edition!"

- Julie Thomas, NZCB

Ocean eleven - luxury apartment

“I am quite well-known for setting the bar pretty high and at the end of the day awaywithwords always exceed my expectations. They are fresh, innovative and thorough.”

- John Batty, owner 'Ocean Eleven' luxury apartment 

novelli - personalised champagne bottles

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Haha, I’m reading these in a short break during our strategy meeting and think I may have to leave the room to have a good laugh!"

- Craig Pinker, manager, Novelli


“Very satisfied! Sarah and her team created amazing content for our website! Without them we would not have met our launch deadline or had such a high standard of material.”

- Fiona Livingstone, owner

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