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Happy Clients

Let's not beat around the bush - this is a collection of copywriting projects we think will impress you. Kind of like a modelling comp card (without the gorgeous selfies).


“I was confident awaywithwords were specialists in their field and that I could trust them with our clients.” 

- Braden Goddin, Sales & Marketing, Aurora.

New Zealand certified builders association

“We all struggle to string words and sentences together at times, especially when there is other work to be getting on with and we’re up against a mental block!” 

- Millie Jackson, NZCB

Ocean eleven - luxury apartment

“I am quite well-known for setting the bar pretty high and at the end of the day awaywithwords always exceed my expectations. They are fresh, innovative and thorough.”

- John Batty, owner 'Ocean Eleven' luxury apartment 

novelli - personalised champagne bottles

"Awesome awesome awesome!!! Haha I’m reading these in a short break during our 2018 strategy meeting and think I may have to leave the room to have a good laugh!!"

- Craig Pinker, manager, Novelli

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