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What We Do

Partner with us for top-shelf copywriting and proofreading.

Website content

Website content is where we really shine. People. Want. Information. Now. You’ll get concise, compelling digital content with a fine balance of keywords optimised for search engines so people find your website, stay there and go click-happy. Our professional copywriters dig deep to understand the business, its audience and tone of voice before crafting website content that punches through the chatter. Need website content, GoogleAdWords or SEO sorted? Get a quick quote or pick up the phone for a chat. Writing web content yourself? Read our free Ultimate Guide to Writing Kick Ass Website Content first.

Blog content

We specialise in creating blog content that helps drive website traffic, increase leads, build customer rapport and showcase expertise. Get timeless long form articles (from $400) or ‘short and sweet’ blog posts (from $160) from our experienced team of copywriters and proofreaders. We'll put together the perfect blog content package for you. We also take care of keyword research, key messaging, tone of voice, personas, content themes and content calendars. Find out more by giving us a call.

Social media content

We’ll take your pain away with targeted, engaging digital content packed with personality. Whether it’s a one-off advertising campaign for Facebook or LinkedIn or long-term social media content management, our copywriters produce professional, creative marketing content on time, every time. Need a hand with content themes, posts and images? Partner with us and you’ll have it in spades. Get a quote today.

Editing / Proofreading

We’re hell bent on ridding the world of sub-par writing. Long-winded, boring sentences? Nope. Apostrophes in the wrong place? Not a chance. Our efficient perfectionists have proofreading and editing down to a fine art. Think of us as your second pair of eyes. Send us your content and we’ll work out how long it’s going to take to get it just right. Or give us a bell to talk through your editing and proofreading needs. 

Branding and marketing

You ready? Ok. We write taglines, brand stories, case studies, brochures, e-books, white papers, e-newsletters, flyers, newsletters, company profiles, video and radio scripts, advertising copy and proposals (told you to brace yourself). Tell us about your project and our copywriters will find the words to make it pop. 

Award entries

Pretty darn good at what you do? It’s time to tell the world. If you have an award programme you’d like to submit an entry for, talk to our copywriters now. We’ll ask all the right questions to extract your awesomeness and put it into words that wow. 

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