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You & yours - packaging


You & Yours Distilling Co. is a craft liquor company in San Diego.

In 2017, the company decided to launch three canned cocktails: Vodka, Soda, Cranberry, Vodka Mule, and Gin and Tonic.


The You & Yours brand is all about bringing people together to enjoy quality craft spirits anytime, anywhere. It’s the first time the company has produced anything in a can so owner Luke Mahoney wanted to make sure the branding and copy were on point.


“We wanted to find a copywriter that was the right fit and someone that could produce the right style we were looking for without breaking the bank!” says Luke, who after finding a few content writers in the US, decided to go with AWW.


The You & Yours canned cocktails required playful packaging copy that suited the liquor market and fit how the brand wanted to be portrayed. They had the visual brand sorted and just needed the content to match.


Luke wanted the content to be fresh with an element of 'cheek and fun' because people would be enjoying the canned cocktails with friends and family. The content also needed to leverage the existing brand because the cocktails come under the overarching You & Yours umbrella.


Just as it takes time to craft a well-rounded beverage, creating concise, engaging, on-brand packaging content doesn’t happen overnight. Each piece of content needed to introduce the product, talk about the ingredients and reference the ‘in a can’ point of difference.


When you’re creating content for a can, there’s not a lot of room, so our writer played around with various creative ideas before coming up with the final result. We also produced the content for the front panel of the four-pack of cans.


“We’ve had lots of amazing feedback related to the packaging from buyers and potential customers,” says Luke, who at the time this went online was a month away from distributing the cans to stores.


He adds that while he’s based in the US, he never felt the distance.


“The process was super easy. They listened to what we were looking for and came through with a cool blend of good copy with some laid back kiwi slang, a point of difference that we feel will help us grow our brand.”

Example of content produced:



When the situation calls for a classic cocktail, let the Moscow mule carry you home. This little beauty is the perfect blend of our distilled on-site, 100% grape-based Y&Y Vodka with natural ginger flavor, peach bitters and a touch of lime. A premium, well-balanced kick for any occasion.

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