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How we work

What makes us different? We've got a 'five step journey' to getting you the content you need. We know you’re busy and we’re here to take your pain away. Whether it’s digital content, e-newsletters or printed materials that need attention, we’ll be an extension of your business and make the process easy.

 The five steps to perfect content 
Step 1 : We chat

Here's where we learn all about your copywriting needs.

Got a brief sorted already? Great! If not, we'll work with you to fill in our briefing form, which lives here if you’re ready to go. 


Step 2 : The paperwork

You'll receive a quote with project overview and timeframes.

If you'd like to see relevant copywriting examples, we'll fire them through or check out our case studies.

Step 3 : The perfect match

 We'll pick the perfect copywriter for you and communicate clearly throughout the project.

Step 4 : Feedback

This is where we get your thoughts and fine-tune the content until you’re shouting ‘you nailed it!’. Copywriting quotes include at least one round of revisions. 

Step 5 : Joy

You’re happy, we’re happy. Your clients are high-fiving you.

The end (until the next project…)

How we work
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