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Fuel Agency

“Clarity, efficiency and quality, every time. We love working with the AWW copywriters!”

Grace Harris, General Manager, Fuel Agency


Papamoa Beach Resort provided us with baseline content to rewrite. There were several different target markets to consider across the website so we made sure we gained a solid understanding of each of these in order to present target key messages and relevant information to those audiences.  With 20+ pages, copywriter Jan Goldie did a fantastic job describing accommodation options and facilities without repetition! 


Fuel Agency’s client Papamoa Beach Resort underwent a rebrand in 2015 when they separated themselves from the Top 10 Holiday Group. After 50 years in the business, the family behind the stunning holiday accommodation wanted to gain its identity back. In 2017, Fuel Agency built and designed a new website to reflect the resort’s relaxed yet sophisticated offering, and needed content to match. 


Papamoa Beach Resort’s new website content is upbeat, fun, concise, warm and welcoming.

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