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Aurora - case studies


“I was confident awaywithwords were specialists in their field and that I could trust them with our clients.” - Braden Goddin, Sales & Marketing, Aurora.

Aurora provides a range of capital equipment into the processing industry. The New Zealand-based company works closely with a variety of industries here and overseas – such as food and dairy processing, grain and seed, and winemaking – providing products and services that increase their client's efficiency, capacity and versatility.


Aurora knew the value of testimonials from past experience, calling them "‘the most powerful influencer in their sales process". They had spent time writing up their own client testimonials to use in project pitches but wanted to be producing them more regularly.


Without the resources in-house, they set out to find a professional copywriter to produce engaging client testimonials on a regular basis so they could build a ‘bank of credible testimonials’. After googling for help and evaluating several provider's quotes, they selected AWW.


We know testimonials are a powerful way to build credibility and reassure new clients of a company’s experience and trustworthiness. In Aurora’s case, we felt they could benefit from a 150-word quote for their pitches, website and other marketing materials but also recommended a selection of shorter quotes (approx 30-words) for use on social media channels alongside strong graphics.


We now interview Aurora clients regularly to discuss their client's challenges and how Aurora has helped overcome them. We produce one 150-word quote and three 30-word quotes for social media, per client.


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