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A copywriter’s take on ChatGPT – Part One

computer typing chatGPT
Content writers using CHATGPT

By now, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT - the Artificial Intelligence text generator that can create remarkably human-like copywriting.


As a writer, I’ll be the first to admit I am a fan. 

ChatGPT can give me a crash course on my client’s industry, so I have more time to focus on quality writing. If I’m stuck on a sentence, it helps me find a way to juggle the words around. It can even help me come up with taglines and blog topic ideas.


But have I ever solely used ChatGPT and passed it off as my copywriting? Absolutely not, and here’s why.


Robot writing versus a human touch


If you need to learn about a topic, AI can tell you what you need to know before you’ve finished boiling the jug. It can spit out a dozen sub-headers, and they’re not half bad. Plus, AI is excellent at receiving feedback.

‘Make it more conversational,’ I might say, and I don’t even have to worry about saying please and thank you!

But what ChatGPT lacks is…personality. It feels robotic, which makes sense because, well, it’s a robot! 

AI writing lacks a human feel, a personal touch - and that can be the difference between someone reading your blog from start to finish or tuning out and missing your call to action.


Want an example? 

I asked ChatGPT to describe itself and here’s what I got:


ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, an organization dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence in a safe and beneficial way. With its powerful language generation capabilities, ChatGPT has become a game-changer for small businesses looking to engage with their audience. And the best part? It's available for free, so you can take advantage of this powerful marketing tool without breaking the bank.


Good bones, but it’s a bit bland, right? Would you read an entire blog written like this? Would you feel compelled to share it?


How to make AI work for you

Still, having this new technology at your fingertips - for FREE - is pretty awesome and there are plenty of ways you as a business owner, marketing manager, or entrepreneur can make it work for you:


1. Generate content quickly


If you need to get something up on your website or socials straight away, ChatGPT or its AI competitors will spit out words you can use that very same day.


2. It’s a strong starting point

Give ChatGPT a topic and it’ll come back with heaps of info to get your creative juices flowing. This is especially helpful in the early stages of a project when you’re still in the brainstorming phase.


3. Improve your communication


Unsure how to word an email to a client or want to condense part of your report? AI can offer advice to improve word choice and re-structure your message.

What does this mean for your marketing budget?


If you’re wondering whether ChatGPT will allow you to pocket the dollars designated for marketing, the answer is no. But the good news is AI can give you more bang for your buck.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this blog, where we delve deeper into tapping into AI, and when you ought to leave writing to the professionals (like us!) 

Want to work with copywriters who never compromise on quality? Get in touch – and let us create content that clicks for you.


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